Bracket to assemble and disassemble common rail pumps


Marbed can offer two solution for professionally mound and disassemble the common rail pumps, for the automotive industry:

  • an entry level solution, based on the cradle 9601 and conventional design flanges
  • a professional solution, base on the 8130 circular bracket


Entry level solution (9601)

9478-CR, the flange to be used in conjunction with

Available accessories


A selection of flanges

Professional solution (8130-A)

8130-A is natural evolution of 8130, the circular bracket to assemble and disassemble the common rail pumps.

8130-A as well as 8130, can be applied on both the swivel vices 9260 (stronger base, made in steel) and 8132 (standard base, made in alluminium).

8130-A as well as 8130, are equipped with the threaded handle to press the spring of the pumping element.

On 8130, this feature was obtained with fixed spacers for Continental, Denso and Delphi,

while on 8130-A the position of the handle can be freely adjusted, through the sliding bracket, to match more applications and allow a more simple operation.

8130-A can hold pumps having hub in the range from 50 to 80 mm.

The inernal flange of 8130-a is equipped with the proper holes suitable to Bosch CP1, Cp3 and CP4 pumps, Denso, Continental and Delphi pumps.

Available accessories



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