How to convert the Hartridge standard to the Bosch standard


Bosch standard is very popular, allowing the development of many niche applications.

For your convenience, it is A=125 mm and G=20 mm (please refer to the below picture)

If you have an AVM2-PC Hartridge test bench (or similar), the standard is completely different, so that a proper solution is required.

However, many diesel Specialists appreciate a sort of conversion kit and 9422-H2 is the solution!

Once the 9422-H2 is installed on the test bench, the 9680-A is the most universal cradle accepting the centering flange , for mounting the most popular diesel fuel injection pumps.

Also the cambox 9562-M1 (for testing the immersed pumps - PFR) is based on 9680-A.

Also the cushioned drive coupling with gears 9659 is based on 9680-A

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