How to identify the correct part number for the cushioned drive coupling


The cushioned drive coupling

Marbed 9873 is the part number of the standard design. It is suitable for both right and left rotation upto 600 Nm, indifferently.

The coupling can be splitted in two parts:

- the clamping side (9873-I)

- the backplate, to interface with the test bench flywheel

Currently, the available backplates allow the following applications

Features Part number Application
Pair of eyelet accepting M10 bolts, on the diameter from 80 to 90 mm. 9873 (complete assembly: 9873-I with backplate) Test benches manufactured by Bosch.
9873 is similar to 1 686 401 028 and 1 686 401 029
Pair of eyelet accepting M10 bolts.
The external diameter is 110 mm
9873-A F130 test benches manufactured by Magasa.
Pair of holes accepting M12 bolts
9873-R EPS 708 test benches manufactured by Bosch
9873-R is similar to 1 686 401 026 and 1 686 401 027
Pair of holes accepting M14 bolts
Test benches manufactured from several Chinese Companies.


The protection cover is compulsory, for operator's safety

9873-P is the very useful protection

The ISO 4008-1:1980 standard

This International Standard defines only the requirements and characteristics of test benches necessary to ensure consistent results when an injection pump is tested to the manufacturer's test specification regardless of the origin of the test bench.

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