Paying an invoice to MARBED


Which types of payment do you take?

Payment can be made to MARBED in the following ways:

  • bank transfer in EUR, please contact our Sales dept to receive our bank details.
  • VISA, Mastercard, American Express credit cards with max. Limitation €2.000,00 EUR
  • Cash with max limitation €999,00 EUR
  • You can also buy with Paypal (contact yor Sales Agent - sales@marbed.com)

Difference between Pro forma Invoice and Commercial Invoice

Once after agreeing the terms of contract of sale, the buyer has to issue a purchase order or Letter of Credit.

Just before this process, the seller (MARBED) has to send a ‘pro-forma invoice’ to buyer, mentioning complete details of agreement of sale. Normally, purchase order or Letter of credit is opened on the basis of this pro-forma invoice sent by the seller.

So, we can treat pro-forma invoice as a document of commitment to sell the goods to the buyer as per the terms and conditions agreed between both in person, over telephone, by fax, email or any other mode of communication. In other words, we can treat the pro-forma invoice as a ‘confirmed purchase order’ from the seller (MARBED), although the official purchase order has to be issued by the buyer. The pro-forma invoice is issued before sales takes place.

Once after receiving pro-forma invoice from MARBED (the supplier), the buyer sends a  purchase order or opens a letter of credit to the supplier. As per agreed date of shipment, the seller arrange to ship the goods. The seller issues commercial invoice at this point of time. Invoice is a prime document of sale in any business. We can call as commercial invoice. Invoice and commercial invoice

Commercial invoice is used to record ‘accounts receivable’ for the seller and accounts payable for the buyer. The content of commercial invoice is almost same as pro-forma invoice. However, the final sale price may vary with the pro-forma invoice, as pro-forma invoice is issued prior to actual sale takes place.

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