Repair Program for CR Diesel fuel Pumps

Start Repair Instead of Exchange:
it is more convenient for the reapairer, but also for the engine owner!

Thanks to the InjectionPower Alliance a complete program is now available for the efficient and complete repair of the Automotive Common rail pumps.

all brands (Bosch, Delphi, Denso, VDO-Siemens-Continental).

3 levels for a more calibrated investment



suitable for repair shops that have the need to interact with the pump and on the main components.



suitable for a complete overhaul of the service of any common rail pump installed on cars and commercial vehicles.



suitable for workshops which are not yet equipped with a test bench for mechanical diesel injection pumps.

The repair concept

Differently form other repairing strategies, the InjectionPower Repair program isolates the pressure pump from the other components.

Atfer having proved the mechanical quality of the pump, it makes sense to verify the operations of the electronically controlled sensors and actuators.

Step-by-step approach

We do believe in modular solutions, because one size doesn't fit to all: everyone has different aspects to take care and we want to be able to help each one in the most appropriate way.

To fulfill all the aspects the complete program is necessary as a getting started package, but the program is modular; this means that if you have a special vision, the repair program can be tailored to your needs.

Common rail system

Common rail system

The purpose of the fuel injection pumps is to supply the exact metered fuel quantity to the rail, at the right pressure.

Basically the high pressure pump is an hydraulic pump having to supply the fuel at the pressure levels requested by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), in accordance of the vehicle working conditions and performance requests.

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