Common Rail: repair vs interchange


Start Repair Instead of Exchange:
it is more convenient for the reapairer, but also for the engine owner!

In recent years the Manufacturers of diesel injection equipment have persued the policy to provide the Aftermarket with interchange service.

The lack of technical support has limited the Aftermarket Specialists' engagement with the advanced technology applied to the latest common rail systems, causing a widespread sense of frustration among Diesel Specialists.

Don't panic! Thanks to the InjectionPower Alliance complete repair programs are now available for the efficient repair of the new components.


  Repair Program for Common Rail Diesel fuel Pumps
  • light commercial vehicles (LCVs)
    • Bosch CP1 and CP1H
    • Bosch CP3 and CP3.4
    • Bosch CP4
    • Delphi
    • Denso HP3, HP4
    • Siemens-Vdo-Continental
  • Heavy Duty
    • Bosch CP2
    • Denso HP0

 Repair Program for Common Rail Diesel fuel Injectors

  • light commercial vehicles (LCVs)
    • Bosch CRI and Piezo
    • Delphi
    • Denso 
    • Siemens-Vdo-Continental (piezo)
  • Heavy Duty
    • Bosch CRIN
    • Denso 


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