Repairing Common Rail injectors - White paper



As manifacturer of professional tools for diesel fuel injection systems for more than 50 years, Marbed recognized the exigency of a technical guideline to introduce the operative methodologies and supply the necessary information to identify why a specifi c tool is required and how use it.


Repairing Common Rail injectors is still a new matter for many operators.

The maintenance procedure of a common rail injector is divided into 3 phases:

  • Disassembly;
  • Cleaning, repair and part replacement;
  • Assembling.

In addition there are few teaching charts identified by the "i" letter.

The tools illustrated in this white paper are illustrated at the online MarbedBook for common rail systems. For mobile users, the Marbed App is also available.

Even if Marbed cooperates with many test equipment, its companys priority is to stay concentrated on tooling, so that this guide doesnt include testing aspects.


The best technicians require just the best tools: our customer service waits for you!


For a deeper knowledge a specific training course is recommended.


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