9920 vs 9920-A


9920 and 9920-A are both flexible pipes to connect the outlet of a test injector to the delivery measuring system (i.e. graduated glass tubes).

The difference is located essentially on the connecting plugs:

  • 9920 is equipped with standard quick release connectors, the same on both ends.
  • 9920-A is equipped with reinforced quick release connectors, differentiated on each end (allowing one-way flow). Each connector is made by two parts: one with spring, as a part of the pipe; the other to be mounted on the fitting (see the below picture for further details)

Can be 9920 exchanged with 9920-A?

Yes, there is no technical obstacle to use the same bracket for test injectors and mixed pipes between 9920 and 9920-A. It's up to you.

Can be 9920 exchanged with 9920-A?

Is it possible to upgrade 9920 to 9920-A?

At anytime, it is possible to upgrade one 9920 to one 9920-A.

Just consider to replace the two quick release connectors of the 9920 with the 9920-B (one off) and 9920-C (one off)


Is it possible to upgrade 9920 to 9920-A?

Which is the difference between 9920-B and 9920-C?

9920-B and 9920-C are not equivalent, as they allow the flow in one-way only.

To avoid the pipe to explode, double check the correct mounting to allow the flow from the test injector outlet to the measuring system.

Note: when checking, be sure that the pipe is connected to the fittings (both parts of 9920-B and both parts of 9920-C)


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